Welcome to Sanctuary in Kindness

In a global arena of political, economic and environmental uncertainty we find ourselves searching for safety, refuge, a haven in troubled times. This is the place we go to refresh, regroup, mend, and restore our body and our emotional heart’s well-being. A sanctuary is this place.

Sanctuary in kindness was developed in partnership with mutual aid network to open its doors to those seeking a safe place. Some may be coming because of immigration pressures, others in domestic unrest, and still others finding themselves depressed and unable to cope.

Our hopes are to pool resources from our local communities and to make these resources available to those who seek sanctuary. If an individual’s needs were medical, financial, legal, spiritual or therapeutic, the sanctuary in kindness will link you to community members who will aid you, and help you restore your own inner balance.

In the development of such a sanctuary, our first project will be the construction of a prototype dwelling. We hope to build an affordable, earth-friendly home to house the sanctuary branch of local mutual aid networks.

Stay linked to this site to see this building as it unfolds.

Teachings are available for streaming or downloading on our Teachings page